Lux Island Resorts is a world-class property management and investment company headquartered in Mauritius and operating throughout the Indian Ocean region. We own and manage a portfolio of luxury properties that includes some of the most beautiful 4 and 5-star leisure resorts in the world.


"For the past 30 years, Lux Island Resorts has been a leading player in the luxury hospitality industry. Our ambition is to build shareholder value by growing and enhancing our portfolio in partnership with internationally renowned luxury operator The Lux Collective. From our headquarters in Mauritius and as a proud member of the IBL family, we aim to build on our strengths – including our exceptional assets and the talent of our people – to provide guests with consistently outstanding service and a truly different kind of luxury."

We Make each Moment Matter
  • Time is finite so every minute is precious
  • However, more valuable than material things are experiences and emotions
  • Our guests are spending their time to acquire these riches
  • For them, it’s all about time – quality time.
    Time with family, Time alone, Time off, Time to reflect,
    Time to reconnect, Time to heal, Time to explore, Time to do,
    Time for caring, Time for sharing 
  • So, we’re in the ‘time’ business - not resorts or even holidays
  • We imagine a world where every second counts
Helping People Celebrate Life
  • We are in the best business in the world
  • People come to us to escape the mundane, to leave reality
  • No matter your age or occupation, life is here for living 
  • Our Purpose is to help people enjoy good times together:
    to celebrate life Times that are joyful, cheerful and full of happiness
  • When they are with us, truly “life is a holiday”
  • People
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
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